Kamis, 08 November 2007


My name is Vico.

I graduated from D3 program of Business Administration Department - State Polytechnic of Malang in 2006. Now, besides helping teach Elementary students in a private course, I am also persuing my study at D4-Marketing program at the same department and education institution.

Please contact me at 085 6466 66187
Home: Golf Street 55 Malang
Email: risvico_polinema@yahoo.com

This blog is presented to inform you about things related to especially my work on Electronic Marketing (E-Marketing), Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce), Electronic Retailing (E-Retailing), Store Management, Information Technology used on Business, and momentous activities in my life.

To see what new things are on, just spend your little leasure time to visit this blog regularly. Thank you.

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